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Controversial software developer who questions everything: "Are we really going forward?". Python enthusiast, but is afraid JavaScript will conquer the world. Enjoys working with Django and now wants to write system checks for everything on it.

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3 Django apps for sending great e-mails
Flávio Juvenal

Sending e-mails from a Django project? Those Django apps might help you: django-templated-email django-templated-email allows you to send templated HTML or plaintext e-mails. Use Django template language with all templatetags and filters to easily build your e-mail templates. django-premailer Why...

July 3, 2015
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10 Django apps you're not using but should be
Flávio Juvenal

There are some open-source Django apps that make our lives as Django developers easier, but sometimes we don't even know they exist! Good third-party apps can give you new features at little expense, make your tests easier or even improve the performance of your deployment process. Please take a ...

June 4, 2015
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