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Organizing Django Girls Recife
Lais Varejão

In Brazil, women are the majority in schools and universities and represent 60% of the people who have a university degree. Despite this, in STEM, they represent only 20% of the quantitative. This scenario is present not only in Brazil but all over the world. In technological areas, it’s no diffe...

Aug. 4, 2017
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[pt-BR] Organizando o Django Girls Recife
Lais Varejão

No Brasil, as mulheres são maioria nas escolas e universidades e representam 60% das pessoas que concluíram cursos superiores. Apesar disso, em cursos de exatas, representam apenas 20% do quantitativo. Esse cenário se repete não só no Brasil, mas em todo o mundo. Nas áreas tecnológicas não é dife...

July 24, 2017
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Principles every programmer should follow
Lais Varejão

What makes a great programmer? Is it the capability to solve problems? Or the passion for coding? In truth, great programmers know that people matter. Whether you work professionally as a developer or you’re an enthusiast coder, you’re likely to be coding with and for other people. Being a great ...

Feb. 24, 2016
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