Vinta at PythonBrasil 2022

Rob Novelino
October 14, 2022

Python Brasil is back! As avid participants, we are excited about this year's edition of Python Brasil. Even though we give talks and interact with Python and Django communities worldwide, the feeling of interacting with the largest Python event in our home country is unique.

Our founders have participated in the event even before Vinta's conception over ten years ago. They even organized Python Brasil's tenth edition back in 2014! This one is special, though, for being the first one in the Amazon and the first in-person one after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also proud sponsors of this year's event.

If you still need to attend, we strongly recommend you check their profiles here and here. This way, you can check talks from past editions and stay in on the news about where the conference will happen next year!

This year, the conference will run for seven days. It is distributed, as usual, between talks, tutorials, and sprints. One of our partners, Hugo Bessa, will be giving a talk about knowledge management in development teams. His talk will take place on October 22nd at 10:20 AM GMT-3. Gustavo Carvalho, our Tech Lead, will also give a talk at the event. His will happen on October 21st, 10:20 AM GMT-3. He will focus on the principles of the SRE discipline. If those times don't work for you, no worries; a recording will be available on Python Brasil's YouTube channel.

Our talks at the event

SRE - Google’s reliability engineer

Speaker: Gustavo Carvalho

Talk recording: Link to talk (in Portuguese)

About the talk:

SRE is what you have when you treat operations as a software problem. Historically, there have always been separate teams for Operations (sysadmins) and Development. The Development team has traditionally focused on delivering quickly, while the Operations team has focused on maintaining system stability. This setup has proven unscalable as technology has evolved due to various factors. In this context, the need for SRE arises.

In this presentation, I will delve into the emergence and necessity of SRE in more detail. I will discuss its definition and concepts and explain the broader idea of Reliability. I will also explore the impacts of unreliable systems and what factors can lead to systems becoming unreliable.

Additionally, I will discuss the practical role of an individual in the position of an SRE, explaining concepts such as SLO (Service Level Objective), SLI (Service Level Indicator), and SLA (Service Level Agreement). I will outline the responsibilities associated with this role and the tasks usually entrusted to an SRE.

Don't rely on memory: knowledge management for eng teams

Speaker: Hugo Bessa

Talk recording: Link to talk (in Portuguese)

About the talk:

This talk delves into the crucial topic of knowledge management for engineering teams. We will explore the inherent limitations of relying solely on individual memory and uncover effective strategies to overcome them.

During the session, we will highlight the risks associated with memory-based knowledge retention, such as information loss due to turnover or scaling challenges. By emphasizing the importance of capturing and organizing knowledge, we will showcase how knowledge management systems can foster collaboration, boost productivity, and facilitate informed decision-making.

Hugo will share practical examples and valuable insights to guide participants in implementing successful knowledge management practices. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying how to organize knowledge.
  • Selecting suitable knowledge management tools.
  • Establishing effective documentation processes.
  • Fitting sync knowledge sharing into a routine.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of methodologies like wikis, code repositories, internal documentation platforms, and best practices for their adoption.