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Unit testing React Components with Jest
André Ericson

Jest is a JavaScript testing framework, it's fast and has an awesome snapshot testing feature. This post is not an introduction to Jest, there are plenty of those around. In this post we will show how to unit test your components in an isolated manner. If you want to follow along create a project...

Jan. 31, 2017
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5 tools to help developing and testing APIs
Filipe Ximenes

Here are some very useful tools that can assist you while developing, debugging and testing web APIs. 1. Postman Postman used to be a simple Chrome plugin to execute requests in a user-friendly interface where you could try different types of request parameters and inspect responses. But it has g...

May 18, 2016
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JavaScript's Lambda and Arrow Functions
André Ericson

Lambda expressions are present in most of modern programming languages (Python, Ruby, Java...). They are simply expressions that create functions. This is really important for a programming language to support first-class functions which basically means passing functions as arguments to other fu...

Dec. 14, 2015
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Fast enough? 9 tips for web page optimization
Felipe Farias

Our world is large, internet isn’t fast everywhere. Web optimization needs to ride along user needs. So don't waste your time with performance if it will not improve user experience. Instead, try to learn about how users are interacting with your page. Ask yourself: what is the first thing a user...

Sept. 22, 2015
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Uploading files from the frontend to Amazon S3
André Ericson

A common problem appears when uploading large files to Heroku. Every request made to Heroku must last less than 30 seconds or it will get terminated, when uploading large files, 30 seconds might not be enough. More information can be found here. One way to deal with this situation is to upload fi...

June 24, 2015
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10 Django apps you're not using but should be
Flávio Juvenal

There are some open-source Django apps that make our lives as Django developers easier, but sometimes we don't even know they exist! Good third-party apps can give you new features at little expense, make your tests easier or even improve the performance of your deployment process. Please take a ...

June 4, 2015
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