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As Nipun Mehta said: "When one foot walks, the other foot rests. Doing and being have to be in balance" .Part of our culture is what we do and how we do it. Here are some of our actions as a company to keep our culture alive and well.

Weekly Meeting

Once a week we do a company-wide meeting so people can tell the whole team what they've been doing and what can be improved. This meeting is timeboxed and should last at most 60 minutes. Everyone is stimulated to talk about the topics below and say at least one thing they've learned since the previous week:

- What did you do?
- What was good?
- What was bad?
- What can be improved?
- What did you learn?
- Suggestions?

Open Source

We are community people, open source contributions are wonderful and everyone is encouraged to do some. Since a lot of our coding uses open-source tools, maintaining our own open-source projects seems reasonable. So we encourage people to contribute as projects demands. We find that is one way to leave our company's mark in the community as well is to always fork using Vinta's Github account.


Community is not only about producing open-source software (and playbooks), conferences are part of it as well. People are encouraged to give back as much as they can. With the interest of developing further exchange with other professionals, Vinta will buy tickets for any technical conferences deemed worthy by the employees, and if one of ours approves a talk in a conference, whether it's local or international, she/he is granted a bonus for their further collaboration in sustaining the community we are a part of. Keeping an eye on conference's submission deadlines helps everyone in doing so.

Blog posts

We keep our blog updated. It helps twofold, we train people on how to write passing on what they've learned, and people from the community see Vinta as a reference, checking us for tips often. That's why whoever learns anything gets incentives to write it down. We count on everyone to keep an eye and say: "I think that's worth a blogpost!" whether in our day-to-day or in a weekly meeting.

Pyzza Internal talks

Every 15 days we gather some people to discuss a topic of interest. This is a very good moment for people to hone their presentation skills, study about something they like, and spread their diverse learnings around the company. It's also another good moment for those "I think that's worth a blogpost!" quotes. Beer and pizza are on us!

Courses and Books

Just name it, Vinta will buy technical books and courses (online and offline) for anyone. It helps to sustain the learning atmosphere we’ve come to believe in. A delightful not-too-farfetched chaos theory bit: a book read turns into a blogpost, that turns into a better delivery for our client, that turns into a new client.

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