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We believe in creating the best learning environment possible here at Vinta. In order to do so, we need to show a clear way ahead for all employees. We also know that everyone grows in their own way so there is no point in creating a line for people to follow, we need to go wider than that. That's why our levels are an unordered list of treats we think our employees need in order to become experts in our field.


  • We have four levels (Junior Developer, Developer, Senior Developer, Leader Developer);
  • Each level is divided in a number of sub-levels:
    • Junior Developer: 3 sub-levels.
    • Developer: 6 sub-levels.
    • Senior Developer: 10 sub-levels.
    • Leader Developer: ∞ sub-levels.
  • We review salaries at the end of experience period (when someone starts at Vinta) and every 6 months after that.
  • We evaluate subjectively alongside the employee (it's not a top-down assessment, it's a mutual evaluation). Points are evaluated granularly, so every effort counts.
  • Each point can be evaluated as a Strenght, In process, Weakness or In need of Validation.
  • Each employee has a personal spreadsheet where his/her plan is listed.
  • To reach level X+1, the employee needs:
    • Strengths judged important from level X-1 and lower.
    • Substantial amount of Strengths in his own level.
    • Some Strengths from level X+1.
  • Points can be added or removed in the future, this is a snapshot, not set in stone.


Junior Programmer:

  • Minimum of 1 year of experience with web development.
  • Masters the basics of at least one of the stacks: Frontend or Backend.
  • Comfortable with routine features.
  • Can post and solve internal easy picks (playbook/boilerplate/site).
  • Can communicate in English (slack and meetings).
  • Gives talks in local events.
  • Writes simple blogposts.
  • Can post and solve opensource easy picks.
  • Gives internal talks at Pyzzas.
  • Posts relevant content in Lessons Learned.
  • Keeps in track allocated activities.


  • Minimum of three years of experience with web development.
  • Masters one of our Stacks: Frontend or Backend.
  • Helps less-experienced Developers.
  • Identifies and solves internal issues (playbook/boilerplate/site).
  • Can give opinions and argument about technical decisions and project architecture.
  • Is responsive in cases of emergencies.
  • Can organize ideas and make complex arguments in English.
  • Gives talks at Regional/National conferences.
  • Writes intermediate blogposts.
  • Comfortable in contributing, submitting fixes and improvements on opensource tools he/she uses.
  • Can specify features with team and client.
  • Capable of self-management, organizing activities and keeping them on track.

Senior Programmer:

  • Minimum of four years of experience with web development.
  • Can work well with management and development activities.
  • Comfortable in managing client's expectations.
  • Keeps team motivated and learning.
  • Conceives and implements new processes within Vinta.
  • Gives talks at International conferences.
  • Writes advanced blogposts.
  • Maintains Vinta's internal libs, either by finding bugs, listing possible improvements, coding on the lib or delegating accordingly.
  • Capable of mapping demands on development process and suggesting improvements.
  • Capable of giving well-referenced opinions about technical and architectural project decisions.
  • Can anticipate client demands about team size and possible opportunities for Vinta to aggregate more value on project.
  • Comfortable in crisis management.
  • Deep understanding of at least one web development area (API, SPA, SQL, etc.).

Leader Programmer:

  • Minimum of six years of experience with web development.
  • Comfortable in leading big projects, with interdisciplinary teams.
  • Attracts projects to Vinta due to market and community presence.
  • Has relevant contributions in large-scale opensource projects.
  • Is nationally recognized by the community as an expert in one area of knowledge.
  • Talks to outside of the company and dictates development tendencies.
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