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Before launching to production, assert following steps are guaranteed.

Frontend Checklist

Django Checklist

  • Follow Django Deployment checklist
  • Run python check --deploy in production
  • Anonymize the URLs for Admin, Celery Flower, etc.
  • Check redirections, especially if it's a new platform replacing an old one.
  • Set upload_to argument for all FileField and ImageField.
  • Check environment variables are being used, not hardcoded settings.
  • Properly set ALLOWED_HOSTS.
  • Guarantee DEBUG = False.
  • Change SECRET_KEY.
  • Set APPEND_SLASH = True.
  • Check SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER. See documentation.
  • Check XFrameOptionsMiddleware is being used. See documentation.
  • Set HTTP Strict Transport Security. See documentation.
  • If using subdomains, set SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN. See documentation.
  • Consider ATOMIC_REQUESTS for DB integrity. See documentation.
  • Check DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL is set to a friendly replyable email.
  • Set and test ADMINS for 500 errors emails.
  • Set and test MANAGERS for 404 errors emails.
  • Check email templates are correct.
  • Save metadata of every email sent, use Anymail signals.
  • Check CORS settings, use django-cors-headers.
  • Have a high delta between choices:
PLAN_TYPES = Choices((0, 'free', _('Free')), (100, 'basic', _('Basic')),
                     (200, 'premium', _('Premium')), (300, 'multimedia', _('Multimedia')))

Third-party Checklist

  • Add all accesses of third-party tools to LastPass.
  • Add development env to LastPass.
  • Configure Papertrail, or other logging service.
  • On Papertrail, configure alerts for common errors like "app/web" Internal Server Error, "app/worker" ERROR/, "error code=H" OR "Error R" OR "Error L"
  • Configure Librato to track slow response time.
  • Configure Sentry for backend, including Celery.
  • Configure Sentry for frontend.
  • Configure Mailgun, or other transactional email service.
  • Configure Cloudflare cache for frontend assets.
  • Configure Uptime Robot.
  • Setup Google Tag Manager container ID.
  • Update OAuth callback/deauthorize URLs in all third-party services.
  • Rotate OAuth keys of all third-party services.
  • Change passwords of all third-party services.
  • Check buckets/blob storages of AWS/Azure are private.
  • Check the SaaS CTO Security Checklist.

Server Checklist

  • Check latest Heroku stack is being used.
  • Check latest server OS version is being used.
  • Check latest server Python version is being used.
  • Set a Heroku "Standard" database or higher.
  • Configure database backup generation scripts.
  • Configure full disk backups for the database server. Make sure it's stored in another resource group (not production), it's locked against deletion it's and easy and fast to restore it.
  • Tune PostgreSQL settings.
  • Configure SSL for everything.
  • Configure SSL certificates autorenewal.
  • Test SSL health.
  • Configure Redis maxmemory and eviction policy (likely noeviction).
  • Configure RabbitMQ.
  • Configure application firewall for application servers.
  • Guarantee Celery and other services aren't running as sudo.
  • Limit file size for uploads.
  • Validate uploads media types. See here.
  • Configure throttling.

DNS Checklist

  • Check records.
  • Check TTL. Set low when launching, set high after everything is fine.
  • Move API to a different subdomain (, for example). This allows a different server for the frontend.
  • Enforce or remove www subdomain (and set PREPEND_WWW in Django if necessary).

SEO Checklist

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