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  • Check with everyone if Asana represents what has been and shall be done.
  • Remember to report to the client the value that is being delivered from that sprint instead of technical stuff (do that only if necessary).
  • Report things that are going well. Celebrate success.
  • Report problems being faced.
  • Report risks and known issues. Discuss how to address them.
  • Talk about next steps.
  • Ask about unclear topics.
  • Ask about client expectations on what is being and will be done. Check if progress is aligned with budget and schedule expectations.
  • Always ask about priorities and discuss if there is something more important than what is being worked on.
  • Take notes during meeting, use a service you can save online like Google Docs.
  • After meeting, update cards if necessary.
  • After meeting, if you said you would send something to client, track it.
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