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Communication FAQ

  • Be responsive. If a client has an inquiry that can't be checked promptly, reply stating the specific time you will get back to them at X time.

    Situation: Client reports a bug during the weekend.

    Response: "Hi, the bug was tracked. The team will check it Monday morning and get back to you."

  • When explaining bugs, detail the cause to the client so they can comprehend the issue and properly reply to users.

    Situation: A payment failed due to network issues.

    Response: "The user experienced a server error. This happens rarely due network issues we can’t control. This is a rare condition, but we receive reports of those errors. I was able to identify this problem by looking at a report I received 3,5 hours ago, i.e., the exact time X was charged. When this happens, recommended steps are:..."

  • Be extra careful with the tone of your written phrase. Be polite!

    Situation: Client reports a bug but you cannot reproduce it on your machine.

    Do not respond with: "It works on my machine". This might give the impression that you do not trust the client or that you are trying not to take responsibility.

    Much better response: "I'm afraid I could not reproduce the problem, can you provide more information?"

  • Be assertive when a client asks a question. If you're not sure, say you don't know and that you will check and get back to them at X time.

    Situation: Client asks about specific behavior of a feature.

    Response: "I'm not sure. Let me check the code so I can confirm the behavior. I'll let you know in about 30min."

  • Don't mitigate risk. Let the client aware of potential implications a feature, fix, deploy, etc may have. Reinforce your advice, but ultimately, the final decision is the clients. Your responsibility is fully disclosing the risk so they make a conscious decision.

    Situation: Client asks to proceed with a hard deadline of a feature that hasn't been fully QA.

    Response: "For a safer deploy flow, before deploying a feature to production we proceed with a detailed QA on Staging. This feature has not been fully tested, thus I strongly advise we push the deadline until X so we can follow our process. If this is not possible, please be aware that more bugs than expected may arise."

  • Don't be afraid to say no, but reframe the "no" using positive language.

    Situation: Client asks to deploy Friday night.

    Response: "I'm sorry, but we do not deploy on Fridays. We follow this process to assure that in case of an issue, developers can solve it on the following day."

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