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Design Expectations

The product design must start with a low fidelity wireframe and evolve into a user interface.


  • Desired format: PDF or a link to a mocking tool of your preference.
  • Design for 12-column grid.
  • When using Bootstrap, design for the container (1056px). Either way, the width must be explicit.
  • wireframe must be mobile first, when applicable.
  • Annotated wireframes are best, the flow must be textually explicit.
  • Expected error states, form validation errors and rules must be clear.
  • Use actual text content, even if not the final version.

User Interface

  • Interface must be responsive.
  • Buttons states, links and alerts must be clear.
  • Consistent typescale for all typefaces in the design is expected.
  • Full color palette with hex values is desirable.
  • Expected behavior of possible text overflows must be explicit.
  • Proprietary fonts must be provided.
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