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  1. Define the target persona.
  2. Have a single-purpose goal.
  3. Know your usability scores.
  4. Analyze competitors deeply:
  • Document the main values.
  • The most common conversion approach.
  • Fonts, colors & CTA's layouts.
  • Mine Try to find patterns on UX and on the flow.
  1. Define hypothesis.
  2. Mock and design.
  3. Implement the landing page.
  4. Verify the Landing checklist.
  5. Define usability data.
  6. Test (e.g. performance, experience, A/B tests).
  7. Check your fallout: where are you losing your audience?
  8. Iterate.


  • Certify your message matches the ad.
  • Use photos/videos in context.
  • Craft persuasive copy.
  • Balance contrast & color.
  • Use directional cues, when suitable.
  • Ensure white space areas.
  • Use trust factors/testimonials.
  • Have clear & outstanding CTA.
  • Remove global navigation.
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