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What to do as a mentor

  • Help the mentee to grow professionally. This can be done through meetings, passing references, giving feedbacks daily or any other way that you think works best;
  • Be available for meetings periodically with the mentee, the recommended frequency is once a month;
  • Help the mentees improve their bimonthly deliveries (they'll still set them with Rob but you can help them get the most of what they set out to do);
  • Advise the mentees on how to deal with any issue they may be having on the company (if it's something more personal with another member, either the mentee or you have to talk to a partner about it);
  • Share with other mentors if you are using a new technique that you think can improve the way we mentor and help people grow;
  • Ultimately, the mentoring should stray from casual status reporting and move closer to being a place where difficult discussions should happen, and a path forward is discovered.

Meeting topics for mentoring meetings

  • What do you think should be the mentoring goal? (recommend reading The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change)
  • Process Suggested questions:
    • How did they evolve in the last 30 days?
    • Did you validate anything new?
  • Client Success Suggested questions:
    • What new concerns did the client bring to the team?
    • Any update regarding the product-side?
    • Did the client validate anything new?
    • How do you evaluate the client's level of happiness regarding our team?
  • Management Suggested questions:
    • Do you have anything to share regarding your project manager?
    • Did your manager introduce any new practices or processes on the last 30 days?
  • Other Clients Suggested questions:
    • What interactions did you have with collaborators from another project?
    • What did you learn from another project?
  • UI/UX Suggested questions:
    • How much has it evolved in the last 30 days?
    • What was validated by the team?
  • General Suggested questions:
    • In which activities did you invest the most time in the last 30 days?
    • Did you face any situation that needs to be shared?
    • Are you overwhelmed in your project? What activities can be delegated?
    • What project struggles are you dealing with right now?
  • Mentoring Suggested questions:
    • Do you want to share any struggles regarding your project or Vinta?
  • Code Quality
  • Product Quality
  • Sharing Knowledge Suggested questions:
    • An article that you like or a chapter of a book that you want to share.

Meeting topics for specific levels or mentees

Some specific topics or approaches are more or less necessary depending on the level of the mentee. These topics and the previous ones should be regarded as equally important.

  • Junior:

    • Greater focus on recommended articles, books and other types of content.
    • Get the person used to request and prepare for the mentoring. Mentors are assets to help you grow, they will not plan your career for you.
    • Finding a way to keep track of what was talked about and what should be brought for the next meeting.
  • Developer/Designer:

    • Focus on content revolving around developing autonomy and choosing between management or technical leadership.
    • Begin conversations about mentoring less experienced people.
  • Senior:

    • Always touch on how they are mentoring their mentees.
    • Discuss the experiments the person is running.
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