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How to become a junior at Vinta

We know it’s tough to start working at the tech industry. At Vinta, we developed our process to prepare anyone for a full-stack job using Python and Javascript. We've compiled all the courses, relevant content, philosophy, activities, and tips from our interns to help you go all the way through our tech stack.

Philosophy behind the whole process

We always hire interns with a clear goal (we also make that goal clear to them from day one), that is to hire them as juniors in a year time. The whole process is designed to maximize learning opportunities, knowledge sharing and professional development. In order to do that, we believe three things are essential:

  • Code best practices and development process should be a concern from day one;
  • The person’s only focus should be on learning and growing professionally, so books, online courses, and more experienced developers should always be available;
  • Knowledge should be demonstrated and consolidated through building things. Reading is awesome and necessary, but true growth is achieved through projects.

Steps of the process

First, every intern here develops a toy project. Then the person is integrated into a project (with full access to production environment) working non-billable hours for the client and finally the person is hired as a junior and starts working billably for the client. This whole process lasts on the maximum 12 months, but 8 months is usually more than enough.

What you’ll learn

  • General
    • APIs
    • Object Relational Model (ORM)
  • Python
    • Django
    • Django Rest Framework
    • Celery
    • Celery Beat (to schedule tasks)
  • JavaScript
    • React
    • Jest (frontend tests)
    • Redux
    • Redux Thunk
    • Normalizr

Internship project on Trello

We try to avoid overwhelming people that are beginning to learn a stack. So the first thing every intern does here is to receive this Trello board. The cards are already separated and ordered to maximize learning. The idea is to start with a Django app and then to rewrite the front using React. The lists are ordered according to priority of deliveries, it’s important to follow the order and develop every feature without parallelization, so that you’ll learn faster. Remember to read the card named Project Specs first to get an overview of the project! You can check it below:

To copy the board, press W and click on More > Copy Board.

First step: become an intern

If you've read it until here, and enjoyed our way of thinking, come forward and join us!

Interesting courses

Useful links

Some of these links were taken from our Lessons Learned page. They helped us to learn the dos and don'ts of tools we use daily.

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