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Along with providing the very best service while coding, customer relationship is the most important thing in a project and meetings are a very important part of it.


Use some app to make sure you are scheduling meetings for the correct programmed time. We recommend World Time Buddy, which has mobile phone apps:

Always send a calendar invite. No matter how quick you plan the meeting to be, make sure you send an invite. This is important so you and the client never miss a meeting. Also, too many meetings are harmful to both sides' productivity. Clients should get used to scheduling meetings beforehand and not just hop in for a call at any time.

Calendar notifications

You should configure your calendar to send you notifications one day before (e-mail) and 30 minutes before (preferably on your phone). Here is how to configure the default notification scheme for your calendar. This is important so you don't miss the meeting and have time to check if everything is well.

After the meeting

  • Review your notes and add tasks to Trello. Remember if you said you would send something later to client and make sure it happens.
  • Make sure there's a written version of the things discussed and decided for further reference. This should also be made accessible to the client (Trello cards help here as well).
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