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People Behind Vinta

We have a results-driven small team of 9 talented developers that is capable of achieving high goals. We care about culture, we do quick daily meetings for helping each other and being transparent about what each one is working. Each developer is allocated to at most 2 projects, decreasing waste on context switching.

All of our developers are active in JavaScript and Python communities. We're Software Craftsmen. We adhere to KISS and DRY principles, and more generally to the Zen of Python. So relax, your software is on good hands because we know "Beautiful is better than ugly" and "Simple is better than complex".

  • Flávio Juvenal


    Python Django .JS HTML/CSS Meteor
  • Rob Novelino

    Vibe Manager

    Django UX
  • Filipe Ximenes


    Python Django REST .JS HTML/CSS
  • Victor Carriço


    Python Django REST .JS
  • Anderson Resende


    Python Django .JS Node.js HTML/CSS
  • Felipe Farias


    .JS UX Design HTML/CSS
  • Lais Varejão


    Python .JS UX HTML/CSS
  • André Ericson


    Python Django REST .JS HTML/CSS

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