Axilent Case

A React and OpenCV project



Axilent is a company based in New York. Its main product is ACE, a software as a service (SaaS) for content publishing powered by a  recommendation engine that knows what to show users at the right time. ACE is built-in in many kinds of websites, especially e-commerces where it can improve customer shopping experience and increase sales.

Vinta is a partner of Axilent since early 2015 providing assistance with web projects in Django, integrating ACE into clients products and developing an e-commerce from ground up with Django-Oscar platform. We have also worked integrating Axilent products with many external API services such as Avalara for tax calculation, and Riskified for risk analysis. For that, our open-source Tapioca project allowed us to successfully build integrations and interact with them in close to no time.

Other tools we've used and are still using: React, for building web pages that provide great browsing experience to users, OpenCV for image processing, and Docker for fast and reliable deployment and development.

Communication between our team and Axilent runs smoothly on daily basis with the help of Slack and occasional online meetings for high-level planning and follow-ups.

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