Bentobox Case

Front-end development



Bentobox, located in NY, is a platform for helping restaurants to stay at the forefront of technology. With a simple and integrated platform, restaurants get industry-specific tools to manage their website, marketing, and digital operations. Unlike general-purpose website builders, BentoBox is set up to anticipate restaurant's online needs – from social integrations, to seamless reservation and call buttons, to features such as newsletters and gift cards – before they do.

On 2015, Bentobox received a investment of $1.2 million and got featured on Techcrunch. With that money and exposure, they got a lot of new restaurants into their platform. Designers were able to cope with that rapid growth in clients, but the developers had problems to keep up with the implementation of new restaurant websites. This led Bentobox to look for external developers to help with the development on short-term.

They reached out to Vinta to get help with the front-end development. Bentobox has an API for generating the websites on the platform. Vinta was the first outside the company to use that API. So we provided a lot of feedback, from the way the API could work better to the documentation. One of the best things of the project was that the designers were very open to developer feedback. We could always give our touch to make the site better to implement or faster at loading. We made a blogpost about front-end optimizations discussing our experiences.

During the project, Slack was the main channel of communication between Vinta and Bentobox. Tasks management happened on Asana. Since part of Vinta's team was in NY, we paired with their development team in-loco in the last two weeks of the project. The experience was great and helped Bentobox to handle the surge of new clients.


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