Closer Case

A web interface with complex reports and metrics



Closer is a mobile application for mall stores create custom loyalty campaigns. Store customers get loyalty points automatically at every purchase and get different rewards from each store depending on rules of the custom campaigns they've created.

Closer's Minimum Viable Product was designed and built from scratch by Vinta. The customer facing part of the MVP consisted of a HTML5 mobile app, which was defined together by Vinta and Closer partners through the use of Lean Startup process and then developed by us. Closer competitive advantage is it's automatic sales capture module, which runs in stores' computers and was also developed by Vinta.

Once the MVP was done and tested with success in a single mall store, a native mobile development shop was hired by Closer to implement the multi-store Closer app. Meanwhile, Vinta added more features to the backend and web administration. When the post-MVP version was delivered, the web interface included complex reports and metrics for loyalty campaigns, sales and customers, allowing stores and Closer administrators to extract useful insights.

Technologies used in Closer included Django for backend, HTML/CSS/JS for the web administration interface and Django REST Framework for the RESTful mobile API. Case Study >