eShares Case

Python/Django and KnockoutJS project



The eShares platform enables private companies to efficiently and accurately manage their equity - from seed stage to pre-IPO - with the participation of their issuing company, shareholders, employees, auditors and legal counsel. Some technologies behind the platform include Python, Django and KnockoutJS.

Vinta worked together with eShares in a Team Augmentation model, helping their Quality Assurance team to triage and resolve bugs. Vinta swiftly remotely integrated with eShares development process, by communicating and discussing issues with the team via Slack, managing workflow through Jira, and reviewing code using GitHub.

After the first month of engagement with eShares, Vinta was able to help reducing the open bugs from dozens to a few. The partnership lasted for 6 months, during which Vinta solved and all kinds of bugs, from simple to complex, from HTML/CSS/JS to Python/Django bugs.

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