New Crop Case

A Meteor project

New Crop


NewCrop is a B2B exchange startup for unroasted coffee. They launched in San Francisco in the summer of 2015 targeting the 25M suppliers of unroasted coffee worldwide and the 10k coffee roaster buyers around the United States. Due to the inherent complexities of selling a multi-unit product to various buyers simultaneously, they developed a unique auction based system resulting in the world's first split-lot coffee exchange. NewCrop's founder and CEO, Patrick Chaffey, approached Vinta to build additional features, root out bugs and optimize the existing code.

NewCrop code was written in Meteor, a full-stack JavaScript framework for building reactive web applications. Since an auction system involves lots of real time updates, Meteor is a good tool for an application like NewCrop. But before Vinta's introduction to NewCrop, the application had essential features missing in the auction system and serious usability issues on both the end-user and administrator interfaces.

Vinta implemented the new auction system according to specs provided by NewCrop. Continuous quick communication via Slack and in-depth issue discussions through Asana were essential for keeping a good development pace and preventing blockers. We also worked together with a NewCrop UI designer to implement improved versions of the coffee offering and administration pages, not only converting a pure HTML/CSS layout into a full-featured Meteor template, but also by giving feedback and ideas on User Experience details. At the end of those iterations, NewCrop had a more usable product, being able to fulfill expectations from both sides of the marketplace: producers and roasters.

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