Splendid Spoon Case

Awesome soup delivering in NY with Django

Splendid Spoon


Splendid Spoon is a New York based wellness company that delivers ready-to-eat, plant-based, gluten-free meals nationwide. When they approached Vinta, they were running in a generic platform for subscription businesses called Cratejoy. But new features were needed to make service more personal for each user and to improve the delivery processes automation.

Splendid Spoon got in contact with Vinta to build a custom platform tailored to their needs from the ground up, particularly one that could allow for both recurring and prepaid plans. That is one of our most requested services due to our knowledge on MVPs. To build the new platform, we allocated a dedicated team of consultants to collaborate constantly and transparently with Splendid Spoon team. Vinta believes that sharing clients' vision is the only way to come up with great software products. The allocated team went beyond requirements and understood Splendid Spoon business, which allowed us to help them improve product's conversion and optimize processes. The work was done in an open-scope model, which allowed the client to adapt and try new things according to users' feedbacks.

The project's greatest challenge was the migration of all Splendid Spoon existing customers from Cratejoy. We're able to successfully migrate all customers from Cratejoy to the new custom platform, thanks to Vinta's strong adherence to good practices and extensive testing. The website was migrated from Cratejoy in less than a couple of hours of downtime, which was exactly the time to run the migration scripts and change DNS configs. Existing users were able to use the new platform seamlessly. And they loved it. Unlike Cratejoy, the custom platform we built allowed the users to choose which meals they want to receive in each week, along with other important customization features.

In the front-end, we used Bootstrap 4 and SASS, accompanied by a Django back-end. The new platform has integrations with Stripe for payments and ShipStation for shipping management. We also helped to setup Google Analytics and Ecommerce Tracking to gather usage and conversion metrics. Since Splendid Spoon is a weekly delivery service, it's business logic is very dependent on datetimes and timezones, which are always difficult to work with. To guarantee the correctness of all complex charging and shipping flows, we wrote more than 500 test cases, resulting in a test coverage of 90%. Along with that, we developed a way to freeze the local and staging server time, allowing anyone to "move in time" and manually test the date-related features.

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