Stacklist Case

React and Redux for faster loading speed



Stacklist is from New York City founded by the serial entrepreneur Amanda Moskowitz. They approached Vinta with an interesting task: the site was growing, so it needed improvements to reduce the load time. Interestingly, the slowness issue was mostly not related to server infrastructure, but due to code architecture problems. In fact, some techniques such as caching were being employed but were failing to tackle the source of the issue and actually introduced complications to the code base.

Our expertise in code quality, good standards and in refactoring made Vinta ideal for the job. We worked on improving code quality and performance. This was done progressively while we kept adding features. As a result, Stacklist now loads faster, has less downtime and lower maintenance cost. We also did a good job introducing automated tests to the project with a good coverage. All services of the platform were hosted on a single machine, which resulted in scalability problems. Vinta migrated the infrastructure and now the site is able to adapt to traffic changes.

Aside from our usual web stack (Django and React), one of the features required a recommendation engine. For that, we used Google Cloud Prediction API. This allowed the feature to be developed and validated rapidly.

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