Wanted You To Know Case

Messages to your loved ones with Bootstrap 4 and Django



WantedYouToKnow is a promising startup from NY. It's a web-based platform that enables people to leave messages to their loved ones upon passing away. Those messages are automatically sent via SMS and e-mail to friends and loved ones. WYTK reliability is guaranteed thanks to a proprietary multi-step verification process to determine when a user has passed. No one needs to inform WYTK about a user's death.

WYTK approached Vinta to build the MVP of their platform from scratch. With the right balance between quality and speed, Vinta was able to deliver the product with all desired features, on budget, and in 4 months. Because the main feature was a text editor where users could write post-mortem messages, we had to ensure a great user experience in this step. Collaborating with the client, we managed to come up with a great UX for users to write beautiful custom rich-text messages. We also implemented a beautiful envelope opening animation, making the experience unique for message recipients too. Additionally, to prevent any loss for users writing important messages, we implemented an auto-save feature in the message editor.

We developed a great web application using state of the art tools like Django most-recent version, Bootstrap 4, ECMAScript 6, and Webpack. By the time the project was finished, WYTK had a robust platform to validate with their users, powered by well-written code with excellent maintainability. Code quality has been guaranteed with strict code reviews conducted by Vinta and WYTK teams, as well as the extensive suite of tests that covered approx. 95% of the code.

During the development of the project, we collaborated constantly with the client using Slack for real-time communication. This made possible to change direction fast, as the client learned more about the ideal product. The ideal set of features is never clear in any MVP. That's why we seek to build and validate features as fast a possible, embracing change as everyone learns more about the solution.

Since we're always using cutting edge tools, we tend to learn a lot on each new software project. WantedYouToKnow is a special one since it marked the beginning of what came to be our Django/React open-source project boilerplate.

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